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Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board

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How to access our services


For contracted residential/inpatient Services, please call 757-788-0500.


A credentialed staff will assess you either for residential/inpatient medically monitored withdrawal services (detoxification/tapering services) or for clinically managed residential services.


For problems with or addiction to opioid/morphine-based medications or drugs, please call


Hampton Roads Clinic (a Medication Assisted Treatment Service (MAT) using methadone) at 757-240-5223

Office-Based Opioid Treatment Services (a Medication Assisted Treatment Services (MAT) using Suboxone) at



If you are pregnant and are using drugs and/or alcohol, please call South-Eastern Family Project (SEFP) at 757-245-1070.


For help with other substance use difficulties, please call 757-788-0400 for an array of treatment options.


For afterhours, weekends and holidays, you can reach our 24/7 Crisis Services at (757) 788-0011.


We give admission preference (if a waiting list is pending) to individuals in the following order:

• Pregnant injecting drug users

• Other pregnant substance users

• Other injecting & opiate drug users, and

• All other individuals.


Following completion of a comprehensive assessment, individuals may be enrolled in services.


Here is a list and a brief description of each of our services.


Hampton and Newport News Adult Drug Courts

The Drug Courts provide intensive substance use treatment to non-violent felony offenders.  These programs are an alternative to incarceration and provide holistic services in an effort to develop productive citizens.


South-Eastern Family Project (SEFP)

The South-Eastern Family Project is a comprehensive residential program for pregnant women who are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs.  Gender specific substance use treatment services are provided in a healthy, stable and secure residential environment.   The program is designed to serve residents based on individual need in a person centered treatment environment which encourages stabilization.  A holistic approach to prevention, intervention, support and treatment is provided to foster the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being for the women and families.



Hampton Roads Clinic (HRC)

Hampton Roads Clinic (HRC) provides comprehensive outpatient treatment and recovery services for individuals who have an opioid use diagnosis using methadone prescribed by a licensed physician. In addition to medication assisted treatment, HRC provides cognitive behavioral and psycho-educational counseling services in an individual, group and or family setting.


Partners in Recovery (PIR)

Partners in Recovery provides comprehensive outpatient substance use and co-occurring treatment services for adults, age 18 and over. Services include: Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient, Office-based Opioid treatment (Buprenorphine/Suboxone) and a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program.


Case Management Services

Case Management meets the personal, interpersonal, occupational/educational and social needs of adults who are diagnosed with substance use and/or co-occurring disorders (substance use and mental health disorders). Our Project Link Services provides specialized assistance to women and to children from birth through age 7 who are at risk for and/or diagnosed with serious emotional disturbance.   Additionally, our case management unit provides linkage to contractual residential/inpatient medically withdrawal services and to clinically managed residential services.


Peer Recovery Services

Peer Recovery Services are support services delivered by Peer Recovery Specialists. Peer Recovery Specialists are individuals with lived experience with mental health/substance use disorders who utilize that experience to support others in a journey toward self-defined recovery.






Other Recovery Supports

•Narcotics Anonymous (NA) 1-800-777-1515 www.na.org

•Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 757-595-1212 www.aa.org

•Substance Abuse Addiction and Recovery Alliance (SAARA) www.saara.org

•National Alliance on Mentally Illness (NAMI) 1-800-950-6264 www.nami.org

•SpiritWorks Foundation 757-903-0000 www.spiritworksfoundation.org

  (includes a women’s discovery group)

•SMART Recovery  www.smartrecovery.org

•Oxford House www.oxfordhouse.org

•Online In the Rooms www.intherooms.com

•Celebrate Recovery  www.celebraterecovery.com

•Reformers Unanimous   www.rurecovery.com


*For information about addiction and recovery treatment services for adolescents, please click on the Child Services tab


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