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Emergency Services

Emergency services is a 24 hour a day 7 day a week emergency response for  crisis situations within the Hampton Newport news catchment area.



Regional Crisis Stabilization Unit

This program is one of the first community alternative programs developed in the regional REINVESTMENT PROJECT community services continuum. The program was opened in 2008, originally as a 23 hour program; which we soon realized required a longer admission period and thus the program was extended to a maximum stay of 14 days. The concept is to offer stabilization options to clients who require a period of inpatient stabilization but who could access it on an inpatient level due to insurance qualifications or being denied this level of service through regular local private inpatient hospitals. Clients are screened by the Emergency Services departments of each CSB and a referral is sent to the program seeking admission.

The client referrals are screened by the unit staff and psychiatrist and an admission is scheduled as quickly as possible. Clients who are admitted to the CSU are given a full psycho-social intake, to include a substance abuse assessment as well as a medical assessment. The client are seen by the unit psychiatrist and where appropriate are prescribed medications. Any client who remains loner than 24 hours receives a medical examination to address any medical concerns that might require services. An individualized service plan is developed with the clients to identify treatment goals and objectives. The clients will then participate daily in a variety of counseling services to include: individual and group counseling, women’s and men’s issues, SA and NA groups, wellness recovery principals and activity therapy. This is a 24 hour per day residential program. Clients, staff and the treating psychiatrist develop a plan of treatment and a discharge plan to insure continuity with follow up outpatient services. The counseling and treatment staff include a psychiatrist, 2 full time therapists, a discharge planning coordinator, various interns from local universities, NA and SA group facilitators, as well as the use of peer counselors, psychiatric technicians and finally our nursing staff. This is a regional program and takes referrals and admissions from the 9 boards that encompass the HPR-5 catchment area. When clients are admitted from outside of the Hampton Newport News area they are followed by the respective case managers from those boards and linked back into their service delivery services.



Forensic Services - Jail Diversion Program

The Jail Diversion Program seeks to identify persons being placed in correctional custody who may suffer with acute behavioral health issues.  Someone who is psychotic and off their medication being taken into custody on a minor charge will rarely get better in jail.  Jails are not treatment centers.  The program works with persons who are identified at the time of arrest and actively coordinates more appropriate clinical placements than that of a correctional facility to submit for Court approval.  This typically takes place within 48 hours of any initial arrest.


The program further provides services to defendants in correctional custody where psychiatric treatment is not otherwise available such as psychiatric follow up and brief therapy.  Having access to experienced psychiatric staff allows defendants to have medications adjusted/restarted which avoids psychiatric decompensation and lengthened incarceration.  The Jail Diversion program also provides for assisting with community reentry/release planning.  This release assistance seeks to link defendants with community resources when they are otherwise challenged to do so successfully on their own.  Stronger community support systems and engagement in treatment decreases the chances of recidivism back into the criminal justice system and ensures a better and safer quality of life.



Forensic Services - Restoration to Competency Program

Persons found to be incompetent to stand trial through involvement with the criminal justice system are in need of a multitude of services when they are Court ordered to be restored to competency.  Persons ordered to be restored by the Courts are both in and out of correctional custody.  While both groups desire assistance with psychiatric stability and that their Court case would conclude as quickly as possible, for persons in custody, there is the added pressure of wanting to be reunited with their families.  The program, once ordered by the Courts, seeks through education and treatment to help persons regain psychiatric stability so they may adequately assist their attorney in their own defense, which subsequently speeds the criminal justice process toward a case disposition and verdict.



Forensic Services - (CIT Crisis Intervention Team)

The Crisis Intervention Team model was originally in Memphis, TN in 1987 and has been replicated internationally as a best practice model of training and teaching intervention techniques for law enforcement personnel when assisting individuals in behavioral health crisis.  The Hampton-Newport News CIT program has been in operation since 2007.  Its core training component is a 40 hour class that blends didactic instruction and interactive skill building with guided discussion specifically tailored to law enforcement and first responders.  The Hampton-Newport News CIT program has graduated well over a thousand students from its inception and continues to add almost one hundred fifty more certified CIT responders to the ranks each year.  It has graduated law enforcement professionals from over 90 different local, state and Federal agencies across Virginia and Maryland and continues to be the leading CIT training program in Virginia.


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