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Emergency Services

(757)-788-0011) - 24/7 Crisis Number


Emergency Services provides 24 hours a day 7 days a week emergency response for psychiatric crisis in the cities of Hampton and Newport News.  Crisis Counselors work with our local law enforcement, magistrates, community partners, and local Hospitals (Emergency Rooms and Behavioral Health) to assess for immediate psychiatric intervention, including issuance of Temporary Detention Orders (TDO) for individuals in need of mandated treatment in a psychiatric hospital.  Crisis Counselors also offer consultation and assist with triage to other less restrictive treatment options as appropriate.



Regional Crisis Stabilization Unit

Nurse Manager & Clinical Services Supervisor, (757) 315-3650


The Regional Crisis Stabilization Unit (RCSU) is licensed by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) for Crisis Stabilization Services, providing a 24 hour residential alternative to acute psychiatric hospitalization.  With an 11-bed unit, a maximum stay of 14 days may be offered for the 9 Community Services Boards (CSB) in HPR-5.  All referrals are screened by Emergency Services from their respective CSB’s for clinical appropriateness, and monitored by their case manager throughout their admission.  While at RCSU, the individuals’ immediate psychiatric crisis is addressed while they are supported through a Recovery Oriented Process while being engaged with clinical supports in their communities.


At the time of admission, individuals participate in a Psychosocial Intake, which includes review of their current and historical behavioral health and substance use disorder needs and treatment and a medical assessment.  Within 24 hours following admission, a full Medical Examination and Psychiatric Evaluation is completed, and as appropriate, medications are prescribed.  Individuals collectively develop an individualized service plan with members of the multidisciplinary team to identify treatment goals and objectives.  Supportive care is offered as part of the milieu and includes Peer Support Services, Psychoeducational Sessions and individual and group counseling, AA and NA groups, Wellness Recovery and Activity Therapy.


Discharge planning occurs by the multidisciplinary team, including our Psychiatrist, Nurse Manager, Clinical Supervisor, Clinician(s), and Peer Specialist in coordination with CSB Case Managers to identify and connect/reconnect individuals to services for continuity of treatment.







Forensic Services Manager, 757-788-0086




Forensic Services - Jail Diversion Program

The Jail Diversion Program seeks to identify persons being placed in correctional custody for minor offenses who may be experiencing acute behavioral health crisis, offering alternatives for clinical placement, with approval of the Court, typically within 48 hours of initial arrest.  Additionally, Diversion Staff provide brief therapeutic intervention to individuals in correctional custody in an effort to avoid psychiatric decompensation and lengthened incarceration and assist to engage/reengage them with appropriate clinical supports to be available at the time of their release.



Restoration to Competency Program

Restoration Services are provided to individuals found by the Court as “Incompetent to Stand Trial” in community and correctional settings.  Individuals are provided education and treatment to assist with regaining psychiatric stability and allowing them to participate with their attorney in their criminal defense.



Inner Reflections - Hampton City Jails Annex

Provides substance abuse education and treatment for adult offenders at the Hampton City Jail Annex in partnership with the Hampton Sherriff’s Office.  Services include individual and group treatment consisting of Psychoeducational Sessions, Brief Motivational Interviewing and Relapse Prevention Strategy.  Clinicians collectively develop a treatment plan with individuals to identify treatment goals and establish objectives toward meeting them.  Additional referrals may be made for other behavioral health or substance use disorder services if appropriate for timely intervention.



Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

The Crisis Intervention Team model, originally implemented in Memphis, TN in 1987, has been replicated internationally as a “Best Practice Model” of training and intervention for law enforcement personnel assisting individuals experiencing behavioral health crisis.  The Hampton-Newport News CIT program has been in operation since 2007 and offers core training that includes 40 hours of blended coursework consisting of didactic instruction, interactive skill building and guided discussion that is specifically tailored to law enforcement and first responders.  The Hampton-Newport News CIT program has graduated well over a thousand students and continues to add close to one hundred-fifty more certified CIT responders each year.  Our graduates include local, state and federal agency graduates from over 90 different local, state and Federal agencies across Virginia and Maryland.


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