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Adult IDD Case Management


Case Management assists individuals with an intellectual disability and their families in accessing services, supports, and resources within their community.  Case Management functions as the entry  to access needed community resources and services.  Case Management is licensed by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.   The Case Management Discharge Planner assist in transitioning individuals from State Training Facilities into community placements.   In order to be eligible, an individual must have a diagnosis of a developmental disability and must meet the functional and financial eligibility as stated in the Department of Behavioral Health Community Services Manual.

Case Management Services include:

•Determination of eligibility for Intellectual Disability Waiver Services

•Assistance in transitioning from state facility-based services to local community-based services

•Identifying and reaching out to potential consumers

•Assessing needs and planning services

•Linking and assisting individuals in obtaining needed services, supports, and resources

•Coordinating services with other providers

•Enhancing community integration and employment

•Monitoring service delivery

•Person Centered Practices


Supported Living


Adults and children with intellectual disabilities, along with a variety of disabilities, including mental illness, autism,  emotional disturbances, attention deficit disorder, brain injury and physical limitations are served in the their homes.


The Supported Living Program provides 1:1 staff support in their own homes.  The hours of service vary with individual need, but are typically provided seven days per week between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.


Intermediate Care Facility Program

Hampton Newport News Community Services Board operates two ICF/ID homes that support six individuals in each home.  In addition to all services offered by the wavier homes, the ICF/ID  offers twenty four hour nursing coverage and has a Medical Director who provides  administrative oversight of all medical services.




Admission Criteria


HNNCSB Residential Services are available to individuals 18 years of age and older who are diagnosed with an intellectual disability and who may have additional physical, developmental, or emotional disabilities.


Individuals must demonstrate limitations in two or more the following areas:

activities of daily living, independent living skills, socialization, community integration, behavior management, and motor or leisure skills.


Services Provided


HNNCSB Residential Services operates eleven waiver group homes and a supported living program. All programs operate under a person centered thinking model and, assist individuals in mastering daily living activities while living in and participating in their own community.  Self help, community integration, socialization, behavior management,  recreation

and independent living services are provided. Residential Services' features include:

•24 hour On-site Supervision

•Individual Bedrooms

•Behavior Intervention

•Medication Administration

•Physician and Nursing Services

•Most homes require day program attendance or employment

•Environmental Modification such as adaptive equipment, furnishings and appliances)

•Support Services are provided as needed and are designed with the individual and his/her family

•Community Integration

•Personal Support


To schedule an appointment for an initial intake for services, please call:  757.788.0300 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Description of Homes


•Winburn Place is an ICF/ID located in Hampton. It serves six Individuals.

•GIibertson Lodge is a five-bed ICF/ID located in Newport News.

•Briarf1eld Place is located in Hampton and consists of four supervised apartments. Here, individuals are able to live in a small congregate setting (six people) or an apartment attached to the home.

•Cornerstone is a home occupied by six residents in the Hampton area.

•Duval House is a six person home located in a quiet neighborhood in Newport News.

•Gristmill is a six-person home in Hampton.

•Terrace Place is a home, which serves six adults in the Newport News area.

•Conway Place is a six bed home located in Newport News. Each Individual attends a work or day program.

•Brogden Place serves six residents in the Northampton area of Hampton. Each Individual attends a day program.

•Aberdeen Gardens is a five bedroom home located in Hampton.


Creative Options


Creative Options is a program that supports adults  interested in developing skills toward employment, community engagement, development of meaningful relationships in the community, learning problem solving skills, self-awareness, and management of their  own social and behavioral needs.  The individuals must be at least 18 and old who are diagnosed with a developmental disability.


REACH  (Regional, Education, Assessment, Crisis Services & Habilitation)


REACH operates two distinct programs: The Crisis Therapeutic Home and Community Based Crisis Supports. Both of these programs seek to prevent unnecessary institutionalization of individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and provide them opportunities to live in the most integrated setting appropriate to their needs and consistent with their informed choice.

The Crisis Therapeutic Home admits individuals on a preventative or stabilization basis. In this environment, the individual may be provided with in depth assessments, a change of setting to encourage stabilization, and a highly structured and supportive environment.

Community Based Crisis Supports are provided in the Individual's home or community. REACH staff work directly with the individual and support provider or family, implementing coaching, role playing, and problem solving strategies. Specific interventions may include crisis planning, skills coaching, and intensive care coordination.


REACH Mobile Crisis Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 855-807-8278.



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