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Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board

Proudly Serving the Communities of Hampton and Newport News since 1971


Juvenile Detention Services

Juvenile Forensics Administrator, (757) 926-8302


H-NNCSB provides clinical services in Newport News Juvenile Detention Services including crisis intervention, mental health assessment and intervention, case management services and family support provided to residents of Newport News Juvenile Detention, and their family members. The following are provided:


•Clinical interview for incoming detainees and review of the MAYSI Assessment which is completed by Juvenile Detention Staff.

•Ongoing counseling based on assessed need, during crisis or at request

•Group counseling

•Review for need of Increased support and supervision

•Training assistance for Juvenile Detention Staff

•Referral and Coordination of Services




Newport News Juvenile Drug Court

Juvenile Forensics Administrator, (757) 926-8302


The Newport News Juvenile Drug Treatment Court provides a non-adversarial approach within the Juvenile Justice System that includes treatment and community resources.  The Juvenile Drug Treatment Court offers treatment and support to participants and/or their families with substance abuse issues that are beyond the experimental stage as well as addressing any mental health issues. The Program is implemented in four phases over a period of approximately 12 to 18 months.  All referred cases are post-adjudicated. The Program emphasizes behavioral change in the participant’s personal, family, and public environments and is the largest of the 8 Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts in the Commonwealth


Program services include:

•Individual, Family and Group  Treatment;

•Drug Testing;

•Case Management and Advocacy;

•Community Supervision;

•Educational Seminars;

•Enrichment Activities (Hampton University Museum on February)

•Monthly Parenting Support Group.


Core Agencies include:

•Newport News Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court

•Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board

•Newport News Court Services Unit

•Newport News Commonwealth Attorney’s Office

•Newport News Public Defender’s Office

•Newport News Juvenile Services

•Newport News Public Schools




Hampton Mental Health Screening Initiative

Clinical Coordinator, (757) 825-4499


The Hampton-News Community Services Board's Court Services (HCSU) Program provides mental health screenings, comprehensive assessments and short term therapeutic interventions to youth who    present before the Hampton Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court and/or Court Services Unit. Services assist in determining behavioral health needs and make appropriate clinical recommendations and linkages.




Clinical Services In Court Services Units


Clinical Services provided at Hampton Court Services unit providing screenings, case management assessments, crisis intervention, service linkage and ongoing counseling and case management services to court involved youth.  Provides representation during delinquency dockets, assisting with identification and coordination of needs.


Clinical Services located at Newport News Court Services Units providing mental health screenings, assessments, group counseling, consultation and triage of referrals to youth involved or at-risk of involvement with the Juvenile Court.  Provides increases access to behavioral health services and participates in the Newport News Truancy Court as the clinical representative.


•Active coordination/ referral with Newport News Court Services Unite Staff, including consultation with all departments

•Conducts Mental Health Screenings and Assessments

•Triaged referral of services

•Represents the CSB on in Truancy Court Staffings and Hearings

•Conducts individual sessions

•Facilitates  Psyscho-education and Clinical Groups



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