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Strengthening Families Program


The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) serves school age children ages 6-11 or 12-16 and their families in 14 family training sessions to increase resilience and reduce risk factors. The program consists of three life skills courses – parenting skills, youth’s social/life skills, and family life skills. Families attend 14 weekly sessions, beginning with a meal, followed by separate parents and youth groups, and ending with a family group.  Outcomes include increased family strengths and resilience and reduced risk factors for behavioral problems as well as emotional, academic and social problems. SFP is widely used as a universal primary prevention intervention in schools, churches, and communities. SFP builds on protective factors by improving family relationships, parenting skills, and improving the youth's social and life skills.



Al’S Pals Program


Al's Pals is a comprehensive early childhood curriculum (for children ages 3 to 8 years) and teacher training program that enhances protective factors related to the problems of substance abuse and violence. Targeted to children in preschool through the early elementary grades, the intervention comprises teacher training, a yearlong classroom curriculum, original materials and music, and a companion parent education program. The resiliency-based curriculum—ideal for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and after-school programs—builds a range of skills in children for future learning and strengthens their resiliency. Al's Pals is a 56-session interactive curriculum delivered by trained classroom teachers.   ALS PALS program supports the development of social and emotional competence good communication and caring skills among youth



Life Skills Training (LST)


Life Skills Training (LST) is a proven, highly effective substance-abuse prevention and competency enhancement program designed to focus primarily on the major social and psychological factors promoting substance use/abuse. LST increases students' knowledge of the immediate consequences of substance use while providing necessary skills to resist social (peer) pressures and reduce psychosocial motivation to smoke, drink, and use drugs.  Additionally, it helps students develop greater self-esteem, self-mastery, and self-confidence, enabling them to effectively cope with social anxiety.  The program includes a focus on the short-term consequences of smoking, increasing knowledge about the actual levels of smoking among adolescents and adults in order to correct normative expectations about smoking, reinforcing anti-smoking attitudes and the declining social acceptability of cigarette smoking, information and class exercises demonstrating the immediate physiological effects of cigarette smoking, and material concerning.




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