Partners in Recovery/Next Step Day Program

Partners in Recovery:


Our Co-Occurring Disorders program provides short term treatment for adults who require both comprehensive psychiatric/addiction evaluation and stabilization of their psychiatric symptoms and substance abuse. The program is uniquely designed to offer a comprehensive approach, integrating mental health and addition treatment in a single program design. A team model of treatment emphasizes assessment, brief treatments and crisis intervention, clinical case management and the initiation of rehabilitation. Members of the treatment team integrate psychotherapy, medication management (if indicated), relapse prevention and life skills training with 12-step recovery, crisis intervention and social developmental orientations to support participants in achieving their goals.


Next Step Day Treatment:


The Next Step Day Treatment Program integrates the treatment of substance use disorders with mental health therapies to form the Next Step Day Treatment Program. Combining the resources of both fields results in a dynamic program capable of addressing the needs of consumers having one or several diagnoses, such as those individuals with alcohol or drug dependence or simple depression and/or anxiety, as well as those individuals with addiction or multiple substances also suffering from bi-polar disorder, depression, PTSD, and/or compulsive behaviors. The consumers we serve regularly have some type of mental disorder co-existing with an addiction. The disorders may be independent of each other, yet they invariably influence each other to some degree.