Prevention Services

Our programs include:


Strengthening Families Program - Facilitators lead 14 once a week sessions filled with fun, informative activities, and discussions designed to promote healthy family interactions. Included are Parenting Skills, Children's Skills and Family Skills.


The LifeSkills Training Program - This is a proven, highly effective substance-abuse prevention and competency enhancement program designed to focus primarily on the major social and psychological factors promoting substance use/abuse.


Community Builders Network of Hampton Newport News - The Community Builders' Network, known as CBN, is a 501c3 non-profit organization, comprised of community based coalitions, which exist for the purpose of conducting and supporting activities in the development and caring of youth and adults. The numerous coalitions which make up this organization collectively offer alternative actives to youth and adults. These activities focus on eliminating alcohol and substance abuse, strengthening family structure and other positive activities for youth and adults in the neighborhoods of Hampton and Newport News.


CBN collaborates with all member coalitions to provide technical assistance, planning, education and training as a means for facilitating coalition based activities. With an underlying focus of stimulating youth to adult partnerships, CBN values all input from youth members in all aspects of program operations.

The CBN network currently has over 100 community coalitions from across Hampton and Newport News.